2nd+ Class Insurance(140 THB) 3rd+ Class Insurance(110 THB) 3rd Class Insurance(50 THB) 1st Class Insurance(250 THB) 1st Class Insurance for women(280 THB)

TIP INSURE Online website for purchase motor insurance policy from Dhipaya Insurance. Easy to buy and with a cheap price. Available for purchase 24/7 a days. Many type of motor insurance product to buy. Start from 2,500 THB Product information - 1st Class : Start from 13,000 THB - 1st Class Tip Lady : Start from 14,000 THB - 2nd + Class : Start from 6,999 THB - 3rd + Class : Start from 4,444 THB - 3rd Class : Start from 2,500 THB *Dhipaya will be provide car for user to drive for free if necessary. Easy to claim by themselves in any place that co with Dhipaya. **"TIP Flash Claim" the application from Dhipaya that will help you notified hot promotion, sales promotion, free promotion every month. ***Lady insurance - The insurance policy that protecting in everything for the lady. Advertising Fee : 50 - 280 THB - 1st Class : 250 THB - 1st Class Tip Lady : 280 THB - 2nd + Class : 140 THB - 3rd + Class : 110 THB - 3rd Class : 50 THB Required action : Purchase & payment completed. Reject condition: Incomplete payment. Order canceled.